Check in to a Geek Worldview with Foursquare Layers

foursquareYesterday, ReadWriteWeb reported on the launch of location-based publishing via Foursquare by the Independent Film Channel. Following earlier experiments by Canadian newspaper chain Metro and the Wall St. Journal, IFC's "tips" go beyond restaurant reviews and news tidbits to add crowd-sourced content from the channel's "Always on, slightly off" fan-base.
Foursquare users can now opt-into getting those tips pushed to them whenever they check in near one of the annotated locations. It's a chance to effectively say, "I want to see this town as IFC fans see it." For marketers, this has got to be incredibly appealing, and for urban explorers it could be one of the best examples yet of effective Augmented Reality.
You can probably see where this is headed. We've created a Foursquare account for Nashville Geeks and started loading Geek-related tips for places around Nashville. You can opt-in to receiving the tips when you check in by friending Nashville Geeks. And, of course, you can go a step further by submitting your own Geek tips. Just email the venue ID and your tip to foursquaretips [at] nashvillegeeks.org and we'll consider it for inclusion. We're looking for fun factoids, commentary, and, of course, actual tips—all from a Nashville Geek perspective.

Join the fun and start sending in your tips now.

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