Pity the Fool Who Misses Geek Social in April

Geek Social, sponsored by local software development firm Firefly Logic, hits it from 6:00-8:00 pm on Thursday, April 2, in the VIP room at Sam's Place Sports Bar & Grill in Hillsboro Village. Geek Social is a monthly, no-agenda meeting of the minds of local talent—a chance to hang out with the other geeks in the community and see what's going on.

The Geek Social is open to geeks of all types; you don’t have to be a software geek, just a geek in your industry (you know who you are). We have project management geeks, graphic designer geeks, and even a film production geek. No RSVP is required, so just show up!

Twitter hashtag: #geeksocial
Flickr tag: fireflylogicgeeksocial

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for plugging the Geek Social, Chuck. I'm always amazed at the diverse, cool, geek crowd that the GS attracts.

- Ben