NashMash Stirs Up Nashville Twitterverse

Today, many of us noticed a large influx of new followers to our Twitter accounts and wondered about the sudden increase in activity. According to an article posted on Fishwreck:
Late yesterday, local Nashville developer 365 Creative released a new Twitter mash-up that quickly generated strong reactions among Nashville users of the Twitter service. Dubbed NashMash, the service allows a Twitter user to follow all the users located in Nashville in one step.
The service has since been turned off "for now" by the developers, but we're curious about your experience and reaction to today's events. How has this service impacted you today? Did you submit your Twitter credentials to follow Nashville? Do you have any thoughts or suggestions for future updates to NashMash?


Anonymous said...

It certainly got to me! I had an unprotected feed before nashmash, and (in theory) no problem with a few strangers following me. But i definitely don't want my twitter name out there for everybody in nashville to follow. Sorry folks! Not to mention, there's no way to protect yourself from becoming part of it if you get followed.

Anonymous said...

No bueno. I didn't like it and quickly dropped NashMash to make it end.

Chet said...

This is gorgeous!