Second Twitter Meet-up Announced

TwitterThe next Nashville Geek Tweet-up is scheduled for Thursday, May 22nd, at Flying Saucer. We’ll be there from 7:00 - 10:00 pm. Everyone is welcome, especially those who are looking to meet others in the social networking spectrum. RSVP in the Facebook Event, or in the comments of the post on studio nashvegas.

Flickr tag: nashvillegeektweetup


Unknown said...

Having a “geek” meetup on the night that Indiana Jones premiers?

This from the same group that has a “geek breakfast” ridiculously early in the morning.

I don’t know many true, classic geeks that would skip Indiana Jones for drinks or get up and meet people for breakfast at 7:00am.

Lots of Twitterers, mommy bloggers, and maybe a few IT professionals - who are great by the way, not slamming them - but not many died-in-the-wool geeks.

Chuck said...

@paul I agree completely on both counts. Not that I let that stop me from hauling my sorry ass up by 7 am once a month. (Geek Breakfast starts at 7:30, by the way.) But then, I'm not the one planning these particular events. I went with Bourbon Night. :-)

Maybe these are neo-geeks. Definitely new-media geeks....