About This Group

Nashville Geeks is the umbrella group for tech and new media geeks in Nashville, Tenn. It's not, however, a group that conducts activities so much as a common name for our loosely affiliated social network.

As such, we're a group on Facebook, a presence on Twitter, and a tag on Flickr. We're the people who gather at Nashville Geek Breakfast, the people who plan and/or attend BarCamp Nashville and PodCamp Nashville, the people who write and comment madly at Nashville is Talking and Music City Bloggers, and the kind of people who have Geek Tweet-ups. More or less, we're also the Dave Delaney fan club.

If these sound like fun or important endeavors to you, then you've found your people. Join our group on Facebook and plug into our community. We're a friendly, welcoming sort of folk, so don't be shy — just jump right in.

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